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Please fill out and Print the completed form and include, in the box, with your equipment. We will call you once we get your box open.


We do not recommend shipping with the Post Office (USPS)
In our experience, USPS offers little to no recourse in the event of lost or damaged packages. Claims are typically denied or never resolved.

Please use UPS OR FedEx and follow the packing guidelines below.
If you are unsure, please call for additional assistance.

Some Packing Guidelines:

  • REUSE the original box and packing material that came with your equipment.
  • IF your original box and packaging material are not available surround your unit on ALL SIDES with at least 3 inches of bubble wrap (1 inch pockets).
  • DO NOT only use packing peanuts. The weight of your equipment will easily displace the peanuts during transit resulting in the unit being up against the sides of the box unprotected. Use peanuts to fill empty space in addition to the bubblewrap around your equipment.
  • REMEMBER just a card board box is not adequate protection.
  • REMEMBER a plastic bag is a life saver. If your unit came with a plastic bag or not, a plastic bag can protect your unit from rubbing against your packing material and protect against moisture obtained during transit.
  • DO NOT place knobs, connectors, handles or anything else "sticking out" up against box sides or foam. These parts can not bear the weight of the rest of the unit. Cut holes and slots in the foam so that the majority of the foam is up against the chassis of the unit.

We take VISA, MasterCard, Discover over the phone or email, as well as cash and checks. If you send a check, please include your driver's license number.

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