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Bang & Olufsen Service


Pyramid audio has two technicians who have been working on B&o equipment for over 25 years, each. We recently found out many technicians don't like working on B&O turntables. We do not consider this an issue and will happily work on your turntable. Be aware that for some models, some parts are no longer available, but we will do our best to finish the repair. Original cartridges are also no longer available from Bang & Olufsen, but authorized replacements can be found at Sound Smith.

BeoSound 9000

The B&O BeoSound 9000 has been in production for 15 years, starting with the BS9000, then the Mark II and the Mark III. The first BS9000 has a transport that is no longer available. Unlike most other manufacturers, B&O manufactures their own products. That and commitment to their customers gives them the ability to engineer current parts to support the older BS9000. The early BS9000 kit comes with a new circuit board, a new laser, and a few other parts. That kit is no longer available, but we know how to replace the laser without the entire kit. All of the CD mechanisms can be repaired. Don't let anyone tell you your Beosound 9000 is unrepairable; we can fix it!